Football 1: Market Research: 0


If you’ve been planning a Focus Group or even an Online Community over the past 8 weeks, no doubt your fieldwork partner would have told you about some important dates.

The Football World Cup is proving a dominant force in fieldwork planning – 10, 11 July 2018 for example sounds innocuous enough in late May/ early June. Not so once you check the calendar for the Football knock-out phases.

Just imagine you have an MROC running the week of the semi-finals/finals – the feedback not quite as rich as you had hoped?

Q: So what’s your spontaneous reactions to this idea?

No Response

Q: Can I just check up on where you were with the last task? All good?

No Response

Q: So thinking about tomorrow’s planning…..


Amusing and maybe obvious as this Football example is, it’s representative of the pitfalls that await the unwary when planning research – especially in far-flung destinations. National, regional or even local customs, rituals, events, holidays can put a spanner in the works.

So fingers crossed for Croatia, France, Belgium and England this week – and anyone out there navigating these tricky research days!

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