The Future of Insights – It’s All about DOING!


Edward Appleton talks to Claudia Antoni* about Insights and Creativity, and her talk at the upcoming QRCA/AQR Event 2018 (QRCA/AQR 2018 Conference).

Q: Claudia, you’re presenting work from H/T/P Creative at the upcoming QRCA/AQR Conference Valencia in May. What’s H/T/P Creative, your new unit, all about?

Claudia: Our world is changing – there’s a shift from thinking to doing. We notice it with clients, workshops with them, start-ups, from how our kids are learning at school.

We’re classically in the business of understanding – Happy Thinking if you like. We need to take a step forward towards “Happy Doing”, be part of the new doing world around us.

That means our thoughts need to take concrete shape, become tangible, visible.

Q: Isn’t that what an advertising agency does?

Claudia: Yes, but we aren’t an ad agency of course. We don’t have the full range of creative departments, production folk, experts in POS execution, whatever.

We concentrate more on prototype developing – making sure that our insights are brought to life visibly and tangibly, that the resulting ideas can be experienced, have a sensorial aspect.

It’s an approach inspired by Design Thinking – we have the added advantage that we’re trained researchers with a depth of People Understanding that comes through social science training.

So we need to be with the change in business and society, not just stop a project once the insights are delivered – we need to be part of the team that moves the output on, take it a stage further.

Q: Does that mean classical research won’t play a strong role in future?

Claudia: There will always be a role for sensitive insights work – businesses are indundated with all sorts of data, numbers, algorithms…but you still need to have folk making sense of it all, and constantly asking the question “why?”.

Honestly we need to get back to the people behind the numbers.

I’d say there’ll be a revival of classical market research. There you go: a bold prediction!

Q: So what are your expectations from the QRCA/AQR Conference?

Claudia: I was a speaker two years ago at the Vienna event in 2016, together with you (laughs) – it was a great event, with lots of provocative speakers from across the globe.

It’s cool that it’s dedicated to qual – qual is evolving and becoming more strategically involved with client challenges, really looking forward to all the case studies.

Inspiration would be the one word to summarise what I hope for from the Valencia event. Meeting new people, exchanging ideas with them in a collegial manner, that’s somehow more than just a knowledge exchange.

Edward: Claudia, thank you!

* Claudia is Senior Director at H/T/P and Director Creative and Ideation with H/T/P Creative
If you’re interested in Claudia’s talk – entitled (epanaleptically) “Insights is Dead. Long live Insights” – but can’t make the event, please get in touch!

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