What does “busy” sound like?


The day before yesterday our offices seemed remarkably quiet – fewer people around, less voices or laughter in the backdrop, less keyboard clack-clack-clack.

My immediate thought pattern was: it’s quiet here. Are we not busy enough??

We don’t have open-plan offices – rather open spaces that we can use – so it’s possible my view was limited…  it was certainly temporary!

The business reality is actually very different – we are indeed busy.

Quiet in our business of qualitative research is invariably good, in all likelihood, because it means all our Project Directors, Managers, Executives etc are either at Clients or out doing fieldwork.

My brain still struggles with the imagery of noise; the association for me with noise is = background buzz is good, signifies bustling, businesslike….whereas silence has over- or undertones of emptiness, tumbleweed blowing down abandoned streets, everyone having moved on…..I like the phrase “you can almost hear her thinking…..”. No sexism intended.

I clearly need a brain re-boot: so that’s my mandate for the day: silence is good. Golden if you like, but certainly good.

There – my shortest blog post ever.

I won’t explore related “thinking” questions – eg. do we need offices less, or at all?

No. No further thought-bubbles, no links to happiness today…..;)

Just curious, as ever, as to others’ views – what does “busy” sound like for you?

PS Didn’t take to the cover sersions of Simon and Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence, so it’s back to the 1960s…..;)



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