agile innovation 

R:evolver is our framework for agile innovation that combines people understanding expertise, co-creation skills and validation competences.

Markets are changing fast, digital transformation is sweeping through countless industries, competition is intensifying. There’s a huge need to act with urgency and move forward swiftly.

But does the consumer’s voice get heard properly in the rush-to-market? Clearly, sensitively, at the right stage, and with the right numbers?

R:evolver is our 3-stage innovation framework that adapts flexibly to time-frames from a 5 day sprint to a multi-stage process.

Each stage is infused with the consumer perspective – using established H/T/P tools and methods to explore, develop and validate, all at speed, with the best in people understanding.

The outputs have a much greater chance of hitting the bullseye, exciting stakeholders and project owners.
It’s a process that has worked well for many of our clients over the years.

“This project has been a real eye-opener for the organisation ... it has also been radically new to have a close working relationship with customers.”

Caroline Bauden-Cozzone, Credit Suisse.


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