eTrack®. Agile Pre-Testing

eTrack® is an interactive quant-qual pre-testing tool that is used for agile testing of concept and advertising ideas, designs, packagings and products.

When it comes to testing new ideas, executing pre-tests, market research needs to cut to the quick fast – which of a range of ideas is best? How can the winners be improved? Timelines are invariably tight.

Quant-qual approaches are useful here – combining robust quantitative assessment with qualitative exploration. eTrack® works at speed, combining digital assessment in a real-life situation, followed by a qualitative phase – responses can be observed live, results are delivered immediately, areas of improvement clearly highlighted.

eTrack® is invaluable at every phase of the creative development process – from first ideas generation through to final-stage refinements. For example:
• Advertising pre-testing – TV, print, online, radio
• Concept tests – standard formats, verbal concepts and mood-boards
• Product clinics/product testing
• Marketing-mix optimisation – pack designs, format options, jingles
• Media research – evaluation of new formats, optimisation of existing formats, title- and trailer tests.

eTrack® touch is our new, specialist pre-testing application for product development, or for research where sensory aspects are key. Participants are equipped with ipads, they can walk around, get close to products – pick them up, play with them, feel them. Involvement levels are high, resulting in a highly granular and authentic assessment of sensory aspects:
• Real-life, 360 degrees product assessment
• Reactions to materials, proportions, shapes and dimensions,
• Understanding of ergonomic aspects – handling, features, functionalities, overall ease of use
• The look and feel of key surfaces – associations, likes and dislikes
• Assessment of diverse haptic/tactile characteristics
• Olfactory aspects – immediate, instinctive reactions to smell and taste