eTrack®. Agile Pre-Testing

eTrack® is an agile pre-testing tool that delivers fast and efficient evaluation of various communication approaches: media formats, concepts, designs, product ideas and prototypes.

eTrack® validates across the whole creative development process – from first idea screening through to fine-tuning and finalisation.

It delivers findings in real-time, combining individual assessment (for potential aggregation/quantitative assessment) with qualitative exploration and deeper understanding.

At the end of one day of fieldwork it’s often clear which of the proposed concepts or input stimulus deserves further attention, and then what that optimisation might look like given consumer input.

Between 25 and 60 consumers are recruited according to a marketing relevant target group definition and invited to a central studio location for an eTrack® session.

On arrival, each person is equipped with a mobile device, which is pre-loaded with his/her basic socio-demographic data and category usage information.

Consumers enter their individual evaluation of the stimulus digitally in an up to 60 minute questionnaire on their device.

If the stimulus is two-dimensional, it’s introduced by the moderator, who also reads out the respective questions. Answer options appear on the mobile device.

Three-dimensional stimulus is assembled in the Studio and consumers follow their individual walk-through as displayed on their device’s screen.

Clients can observe everything live from behind a mirror, and at the same time see the evaluation results build on their computer screens in real-time: always exciting!

Quite often it’s possible to arrive at certain decisions immediately with this first assessment and evaluation phase.

Clients and researchers then decide exactly what the focus of the subsequent exploratory phase should be.

Better understand differing reactions to product variants that are pretty similar. What are the underlying factors and motivations driving the reactions observed?

A part of the consumers stays for a focus group right after after the assessment session.

This 90 minute group discussion is used to explore, refine and develop – collectively.

What is it about Option X that makes it superior, and how relevant is that point of difference likely to be in everyday life? What optimisation is most desirable from a consumer perspective?

A download session follows each fieldwork days, with key observations, summaries and hypotheses.

What decisions can be taken on the basis of the evaluative sessions and the accompanying explanations? What sort of optimisation work can be started immediately? What details, suggestions should be further explored in subsequent fieldwork?

Depending on the overall design, ensuing research can be carried out in different locations with modified target audiences, more samples – to help deliver a broader picture of both market and consumer understanding. And of course there’s the iterative ability of testing optimised stimulus introduced to replace the weakest original material.

eTrack® is invaluable at every phase of the creative development process – from first idea screening through to final-stage refinements of all 2-D and 3-D materials.

eTrack® is versatile and flexible to apply:

  • Advertising pre-testing – TV, print, online, Radio
  • Concept tests – standard formats, verbal concepts and mood-boards
  • Product clinics/product testing
  • Marketing-mix optimisation – pack designs, format options, Jingles
  • Media research – evaluation of new formats, optimisation of existing formats, title- and trailer tests

With product samples available, the sensory experience becomes part of a comprehensive eTrack® evaluation:

  • Real-life, 360 degrees product assessment
  • Reactions to materials, proportions, shapes and dimensions
  • Understanding of ergonomic aspects – handling, features, functionalities, overall ease of use
  • The look and feel of key surfaces – associations, likes and dislikes
  • Assessment of diverse haptic/tactile characteristics
  • Olfactory aspects – immediate, instinctive reactions to smell and taste