Our Approach to Implicit Measurement  

PLUS1  is a suite of implicit measurement tools - designed as plug-ins to our existing method portfolio.

H/T/P’s PLUS1  tool-kit includes speed reaction measurement (based on the Implicit Association Test/ IAT), eye tracking, facial recognition and emotional analytics.

The tools are built around People Understanding rather than complicated scientific methods.

Our plug-in approach is designed to combine System 1 and System 2 responses* – delivering more robust, balanced outputs. One plus one can and should equal something more than two.

All the tools can be easily integrated to the H/T/P portfolio of qual and quant methods, working both offline and online.

eTrack® for example – our agile pre-testing tool – can incorporate an IAT speed of reaction feature, allowing an in-depth understanding of how strongly an item/ set of items are associated with a brand/ ad/ website/ pack design.

Depth-interviews can include eye-tracking – useful when assessing pack tests or ads to help best understand which parts of a pack/ ad catch the eye, guiding the interviewer to areas of in-depth exploration.

There’s more. If you’d like to hear more about PLUS1, please get in touch – you can also take a look at some of the charts below.

* The importance of “implicit” has been foregrounded by Behavioural Economics, notably Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, and his classification of cognitive processing systems into “System 1” and “System 2”. System 1 processes are fast, automatic, spontaneous, intuitive, emotional, whilst System 2 is logical, deliberative, slow.