Happisodes. Mobile Ethnography

Our Mobile Ethnography App gives us up-close and personal access to people’s everyday experiences and emotions - as they happen...

Whether we’re exploring how hipsters groom their beards in the US, outdoor sports behaviour in Brazil and Indonesia, kids’ lifestyles and wardrobes in China and the USA or the retail environment for household care in Western Europe, our new Mobile Ethnography App Happisodes allows us up-close and personal access to people’s everyday experiences and emotions – as they happen.


Not only are smartphones quickly becoming the common device that unites people all over the world, but for many consumers they are their main connection point to the internet. And for all of us, they have become a portable – and accurate! – memory device as well as an indispensable tool for communication and self-expression.

Moreover they are changing the way we interact with others. Our conversations are becoming collages of words, pictures, videos and emoticons. This represents a massive change in personal interaction and a massive opportunity in research to get closer to consumers.

Happisodes is our Mobile Ethnography App for capturing moments-of-truth. The app is easy to download and to use both for research participants and for our clients. The interface is intuitive and mirrors the messaging tools that many people around the world are using anyway.

In our own, unique take on mobile ethnography, instead of duplicating the typical question and answer formula of a lot of research, we design research projects that are task and experiment-based in order to ensure that we use this new technology in the way it is used best.

Happisodes projects work stand alone or in combination with more traditional face-to-face methods and real life ethnography. In this way we can be with people in moments where we can’t get there in person – and then talk about these private moments when we actually meet up.

And to give an added twist, internal stakeholders can accomplish the same tasks as consumers. This gives everyone a real feel of the consumer experience and help to uncover tensions between what we think people do and what they actually do. Leading to stronger and very tangible insights.

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