first@thePool®. Insight Communities

first@thePool® Insight Communities are temporary events on our online platform that guide respondents through tasks and exchange on a specific area of research interest.

Rather than trying to duplicate an offline experience, online approaches need to use all the advantages of internet communication. The freedom for respondents and clients to participate in their own time and space and on their own terms with regards to the language and visual forms of expression they feel most comfortable using.

Our first@thePool® Online Portal is a state-of-the art interactive virtual space in which we can invite consumers to participate in online projects. Participants are screened and take part in projects that last anything from 3 days to many weeks – and given different tasks to complete from day to day.

We typically include ethnographic elements like multi-media diaries (with photo and video), home explorations and shopping tasks. Sometimes we explore behavioural changes through force and deprivation exercises and there are a number of tools for brand exercises like collages and picture sorts.

In our online projects we create an extremely high level of engagement for both participants and viewers. And these are often the springboard for more complex, longer New Product Development or Concept Development processes – that can naturally also be accompanied by online communities.