Concept Labs

Imagine a method that can transform rough ideas into fine-tuned concepts that regularly come out top in quantitative concept screeners and product tests!

Concept Labs can achieve this in just 2 to 3 days per market. Concept Labs are a concept reworking process where we combine consumer focus groups with concept development sessions.

Rather than letting consumers re-write concepts, we guide the client team to understand what consumer reactions mean and to transform this understanding into engaging, salient concepts. We use a range of storytelling techniques to write concepts that are different and have a greater potential of connecting with consumers emotionally.

Concept Labs are an extremely efficient way of turning product ideas into marketing propositions or of working with brand ideas to transform them into a brand platform.

By the end of the process, the concepts have been validated qualitatively and are ready for quantitative testing… though in many cases they go straight into further development!