Panorama Groups®. Co-Creation in XXL Workshops

Co-creation in Panorama Groups® brings stakeholders and consumers together in XXL workshops to inspire intelligent and consumer-driven concept development.

“Working with Happy Thinking People’s Panorama Group approach gave us a creative setting for our consumer research – and a meaningful combination of qual and quant elements. This led to an impressive depth of analysis: straight-forward quantitative data for all relevant research questions, backed up by rich qualitative findings that helped to fully understand the research outcome. Most importantly, this was leveraged to the same level of quality across research markets. Happy Thinking People’s reporting was strongly geared towards calling all stakeholders to action and delivered very clear recommendations.”

Thank you, Cécile Vanderavero, Consumer Insights Director Western Europe, Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Social networks today – both real and virtual – are much larger and more transient than they were in the past. Communities today develop, interact and then disperse again and we need to understand social effects as much as individual perception if we want to make the right marketing decisions.

Panorama groups are XXL workshop-style consumer sessions that inspire intelligent co-creation and consumer-driven concept development.

20+ participants are split into target specific teams that work together on tasks to build strong and differentiated propositions – product ideas, brand stories or activation concepts.

The discussion is consumer generated, the sessions are extremely dynamic and lively and the workshop set-up allows for direct client involvement for extremely effective and authentic idea generation.