Classic Qualitative Approaches

Classics are classics for a reason. Sometimes it is the tried and tested approaches that provide the most reliable results. But a good classic should always feel fresh – a standard needs not to become standardized.

We skillfully tailor each project with individually drafted research designs, screeners and discussion guides for each project. Our researchers reinvent the classics to custom fit each new research challenge. And to feel like new.

We use the strengths of the classics and are experts in combining the classics with new innovative qualitative methodologies, with quantitative approaches or with our own Happy Thinking People tools to create research packages to provide the answers.

All of our Focus Groups are moderated and analysed by our Project Directors and Project Managers. We strive to ensure that each research team has extensive general and category specific marketing research experience but also the necessary soft skills and a good portion of natural curiosity.

We stay fresh in spirit with regular internal method exchange workshops and our own moderator training programme to pass our expertise on to our junior team members.

Depth Interviews are conducted by Project Directors and Project Managers, together with a team of researchers specifically briefed for each new project. With everybody also involved in the analytical process.

Our interviews are open and flexible, adapted to the individual we are talking to, their needs and motivations and their social and cultural context. Always aiming to understand the difference between what is said and what is meant. And always remaining on track with the research objectives in mind.

Where relevant, diaries, observations and other ethnographic approaches or our own Happy Thinking People tools are integrated into qualitative interviews.