In our brand model BrandStage we have tried to profit the experience we have as an independent company in working with a whole range of brand model approaches.

BrandStage sets the brand as an actor on a stage and defines its role and identity both against the market backdrop and vis à vis the audience (or audiences) it addresses.

The BrandStage model is dynamic rather than static and the stage analogy allows us to write brand narratives and to view these from multiple perspectives – the brand itself, the ‘director’, the ‘theatre’ in which the brand is set – as well as to project into future scenarios.

Like every good brand model, BrandStage is scalable in its complexity. For those working with the model on a day-to-day basis it provides detail, for those with a more peripheral interest it provides clear direction.

Our internal resources allow us to bring BrandStage to life with mood films and interactive presentations. In order to ensure that the brand model doesn’t remain an abstract entity but can become an instrument that different audiences can really work with.