Work for Us

As Happy Thinking People we have created a vision for a corporate culture experience that is empathetic and collaborative – always with an eye towards success. Both for our clients and for the people who work with us.

As The People Understanding Company we are committed to providing excellence in research around the globe and in translating this into tangible and actionable strategies and solutions. If People Understanding is something that you are as passionate about as we are, then you should get in touch!

Our Project Team

At the heart of our company is a team of individuals with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. We are multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, open-minded and cross-thinking.

This enables us to see things from different perspectives, to engage in changing and new challenges and to immerse ourselves in a multitude of categories, sectors, brands and cultures.

Every project is different and in our approaches we always look beyond the standard. We support our teams with a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art methodologies that are combined and adapted to provide creative research and consulting solutions. And we are always developing new ways of understanding what motivates and moves people.

Working here is involving, challenging, inspiring and fun. It means interacting with smart people every day – both internally and externally.

Katharina L., Senior Project Director in Berlin

Our Services Unit

Our company philosophy extends to the broad range of specialised in-house services: Fieldwork Services, IT, Data Management, Multimedia, Online Services, Communications, Office Management, Accounting/ Finances and Human Relations.

We expect the same proactive way of thinking and dedication to moving forwards from everyone within Happy Thinking People. We believe this is necessary to stay up to pace in today’s dynamic business environment and that our project teams and in-house services need to work together to provide the perfect client experience.

Being in an environment which broadens your horizons both figuratively and literally with research across the world in every topic imaginable (and more) keeps things fresh and interesting and means every day is a new adventure.

Daniel Mark H., Project Manager in Berlin

What To Expect

Share our pride in working for some of the world’s greatest companies and brands.

Learn new things every day. As a professional – and as a person.

A dynamic working environment with strong-minded individuals from a broad mix of backgrounds. Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z and beyond all have a voice! Expansion to new regions and markets. With projects on five continents, in the developed and developing world and with new H/T/P offices planned for the future. Happy Thinking – at least most of the time.

Whenever We Grow

We want to grow with new colleagues who excite us with their initiative and farsightedness, who inspire our clients with their know-how and empathy, and who understand how to help our client translate research results into business success.

And we look forward to applicants who are prepared to take on individual responsibility for the ever-changing tasks within the respective service departments. Even if your profile doesn’t match one of the featured job openings below, get in touch if you think you might have what we’re looking for. We are always open for curious, smart people with interesting backgrounds.

Now I have quite a good idea, of everything which qualitative research can be… so many different topics and methodologies – and information that was hidden from me until now.

Joana K., Trainee in Berlin