We Explore Markets

Exploring markets is all about understanding people in the context places and the situations in which they make their consumer decisions. We uncover what drives and motivates them in life and how this affects their interactions with brands and products.

we-explore-markets-260 We have a range of methods and tools that are specifically designed to explore consumer motivation and behaviour. Predominantly in the environment in which it takes place.

In research, like in life, the boundaries between virtual and real worlds are fluid and our approaches reflect this. We use online ethnographic methodologies to explore the very real experience of day-to-day living in homes, offices or outdoors – and classic ethnographic approaches are often a valuable tool to complement an exploration of on-line behaviour.

First@thePool is our very own online platform that we use to host anything from Insight Communities, in-use product tests, video and photo diaries to full-scale co-creation processes.

Our ethnographic approach Experiential Ethnographics is ideal for immersing a client audience into consumer realities. An open but nonetheless focussed approach to ethnography that aims to maximise the output of time spent with people in their everyday surroundings.

Semiotics look at the codes and signs in consumers’ environments and explores their effect on the decisions people make. We know today that the decisions we make are often influenced by factors we hardly register. Behavioural Semiotics uses semiotic analysis to make sense of these factors and to understand how to harness them for brand, product, communication and retail strategies.