We Consult Brands

We see research as part of a bigger overall purpose. We look beyond just delivering the results of every individual project to contributing to meaningful strategies for the future.

we-consult-brands-260 Many of our client, brand and company relationships go back a long way and have provided us with an immensely broad base of knowledge and experience. This experience is applied to every new project – as we continue to build our relationships or to forge new ones.

The portfolio of workshops we offer covers all of the stages of the strategic process. From insight identification through innovation, portfolio planning, positioning to brand development. Each workshop is designed individually, but we have a consistent philosophy in what we aim to deliver.

We start by working together to define or to fine-tune a business challenge. We believe that each strategic process needs to have a clear objective in mind and needs to build success. Our workshops are conducted by Senior Directors who provide the cross-category expertise of an external facilitator. And our workshops are documented with clear and actionable recommendations… we don’t just leave you with a pile of paper.

Our branding model BrandStage uses the principles of dramatization and storytelling to create a brand identity. It sees a brand not as a fixed entity but as a living organism that operates in time and space. The model enables brand scenario setting and development or adaptation of brand narratives. We naturally are always extremely happy to work with our clients’ brand models and BrandStage has elements that are easily integrated into brand positioning workshops regardless of the model used.

Trend E-motion is our trend foresight tool that we use to build future scenarios for brand and idea development. Trend E-motion shows how trends are a result of tensions between external influence factors and the different facets of human reaction. Thus the trend phenomena we work with are always described as consumer insights and thus firmly anchored in consumer motivation and behaviour – rather than short-lived fashion fads.

Finally, we are delighted to share our experience. We develop Consumer Immersion programmes including training in interviewing and observation for our client teams to build their expertise in developing customer closeness.

Our Insight Training Class provides the tools and techniques for developing consumer insights and our To The Point Concept Class shows how we use storytelling techniques to develop unique and engaging concepts.

We provide Projective Project Coaching to help teams translate business demands into research programmes – and, more importantly, to turn results into business decisions and to integrate these into business processes.

We have provided Qualitative Research Training for ESOMAR and BVM for over 15 years, and our Senior Directors lecture and run workshops at various academic institutions such as UdK Berlin, LMU Munich, TU Ilmenau, Université Paris-Dauphine and Reims Business School. In addition, we have a co-operation agreement with Duke University in North Carolina, USA.ses.