2Days. Key Insights in 2Days.

Agile Shots to satisfy your thirst for People Understanding

2Days is agile, lean and to the point.

2 days after you brief us, we deliver answers: clear, concise and to the point, enabling you to move forward with speed and confidence. 2Days provides you answers to pressing issues in a cost-effective, speedy manner – and infused with the thinking quality you expect from the experts at Happy Thinking People.

The 2Days format comprises 2 one hour Focus Groups amongst a consumer mainstream sample, professionally moderated and analysed by our skilled H/T/P consultants.

Currently 2Days is available in Germany and Switzerland. German groups will take place in either Munich or Berlin, in Switzerland they’ll be in Zürich.

You get high quality insights at speed with 100% People Understanding for just 7,000 EUR in Germany or 9,000 Swiss Francs for Zürich (+VAT if applicable).

When you’re developing or fine-tuning with the end-user in mind or when communicating to the consumer you might want to get their spontaneous input at times.

Sometimes it’s urgent – which is where 2Days comes into play. We all know those nervous moments: super important questions suddenly pop-up, you need ultra-quick consumer feedback for a key decision, maybe external and detailed feedback on a hot topic… 2Days offers a very practical solution.

It’s relevant for all sorts of audiences: start-ups, communication agencies, SMEs, multi-nationals, companies with or without an in-house MR resource.

Submit your request online by 11am to get it started: 2Days…

The set-up is designed for quick turnaround, so it’s fast and compact: you type in your contact details, key objectives and brief background info plus up to 5 research questions you may have, together with a digital upload of stimulus material if that’s relevant. Any physical form of the stimulus can be provided up until the groups, of course. Don’t worry about confidentiality: an NDA will be available immediately.

Start a 2Days request online right here.

Once completed, you should keep your phone in reach. An H/T/P project manager will get back to you by 12 o’clock noon to confirm content and discuss any open questions.

In case we’re already fully booked for the next day, we’ll get back to you immediately to suggest next dates available.

The very next day, 2x 1h Focus Groups with a mainstream consumer target will be conducted.

German groups will take place in Munich or Berlin as agreed on the day before.
The first group will start at 6pm, the second at 7.30pm.

You can follow the groups via live streaming only. Your H/T/P Project Manager will send you a link by 5pm.

And BTW that’s all you’ll receive – there’s no discussion guide. The moderator is your Project Manager you had briefed personally. During the Focus Groups, (s)he is free to shape the flow of the discussion. Rest assured, you’re in good hands of a true “People Understander”.

You’ll get an H/T/P report by 5pm latest. Open questions can be discussed in a 30-minute debrief call.

Clear, direct, to-the-point: you won’t receive a fully-fledged report with fancy images and tons of quotes.

Which means: you get the answers you need urgently as fast as possible – to the point, no frills. Our 2Days reporting template consists of a maximum 9 slides.

Urgent questions? You can always give us a call afterwards for a 30 minute debrief. Time is money.