Esomar Career Event – H/T/P Presenting

Posted on 21st November 2018 by Berlin in Uncategorized

Our very own Anton Kozka and Sarah Jin were invited to participate in an Esomar Career Event (Esomar Events) in November 2018 at the Hochschule Pforzheim in Germany.(Hochschule Pforzheim) These events happen globally across the calendar year.

The aim is to help students, including tomorrow’s insights professionals, understand how the world of insights is changing, how it might be relevant for them in their career planning – and of course to share examples of work showcased at recent Esomar Conferences.

H/T/P presented findings from an experimental study on the use of augmented imagery in mobile ethnographies across three countries. Originally presented at Esomar Congress in 2017, it was a great example of how insight approaches are mirroring shifts in Social Media behavior, particularly amongst Millennials.

The talk was well received amongst the 50 or so students who attended – an eye-opener for many on how qualitative research is so much more than just Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviews.

Way to go for us on the educational front, it seems.

They also expressed interest in the future of research, notably the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Their own academic experiments had revealed not just the advantages of machine sorting of large quantities of unstructured data, but also the limitations, notably inaccuracies.

“Mensch plus Maschine” was their take-out – who would we be to disagree as proponents of People Understanding?

It was a great event. Big thanks to Esomar and to the Hochschule Pforzheim for inviting us – we look forward to continuing the co-operation, potentially even a H/T/P Tag der Offenen Tür next year. Watch this space!

And before we sign off: if you’d to find out more about our wonderful study, please get in touch.

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