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Happy Thinking People – when it comes to both Quality and Innovation & Creativity amongst Germany’s market research agencies!

This was one of the key findings of the 2018 Image Study conducted in Q1 by leading online portal (Image Studie 2018) amongst over 250 clientside researchers:

Happy Thinking People was voted Nr. 1 in Quality and Nr. 1 in Innovation & Creativity.

A big thanks to all clients who voted for us!!

To those of you who recall the previous Image Study from 2015, also from H/T/P has maintained a consistently high ranking across key image dimensions.

The 2018 results are both timely and topical.

In a year when the issue of “Quality” in Market Research has been critically questioned following the series of articles published in Spiegel Magazine/ “Akte Marktforschung” (Spiegel/ die Akte Marktforschung), it’s a great vote of confidence.

Quality has always been a top priority at Happy Thinking People: we have our own in-house recruiting unit, for example, so project managers and recruiters are in constant dialogue, reacting quickly to any issues. On qualitative projects, clients are very often present at fieldwork, so can see for themselves how “real” and fitting participants are.

There’s more on quality at H/T/P – we’re more than happy to go into details of what it means to us overall, how we go about it.

Moving on: being ranked Nr. 1 on quality is great – but to be ranked Nr 1 in Innovation & Creativity as well as is even better.

It’s often questioned by researchers – how important is Innovation & Creativity in an industry driven primarily by the need to deliver robust, reliable and repeatable findings? Banks don’t need to be creative, do they?

We interpret Innovation and Creativity differently, more broadly – it’s certainly about more than just “thinking out of the box”, or having what is undoubtedly a creative sounding name or a sexy looking credentials presentation. There’s a lot to mention, including:

  • No one-size-fits-all approaches – respecting standardisation, we always tailor our thinking/ approach to the individual client’s challenge/ need.
  • H/T/P people are from all walks of life, from countries around the world – a mix including psychologists, trapeze artists, academics and yoga teachers – ensuring a richness of perspective.
  • We invest constantly in R&D and methodological innovations – our latest thinking on the use of augmented images in mobile ethnographies, for example, was a highlight at the 2017 ESOMAR Congress. Our approach to agile innovation – R:evolver (R:evolver/ Agile Innovation) – and implicit measurement (Plus1 – Implicit Measurement) were both launched within the last 12 months.
  • We’re equally proud of H/T/P studies on changing consumer needs – on Gen Z, The Future of Shopping, and currently in the pipeline a four country study on the Analogue Lives of Digital Natives.

There’s more – but what’s pervasive is our gently un-ideological, always-on approach to People Understanding around the world that leads us to deliver refreshing, action-oriented outputs.

There were other highlights for us in the 2018 Image study – we were awarded 6 out of a possible 7 stars, for example (Image Studie 2018/

We’ll be writing about the other dimensions where we were ranked in the Top 5 soon, so watch this space!

In the meantime: if you want to learn more, please get in touch! (Contact)


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